online flower delivery budapest

Online flower delivery Budapest

Send flowers online – is the best online flower delivery service in Budapest and Pest county – and even in the whole country. They deliver flowers, bouquets and flower boxes to Budapest (and elsewhere) quickly and reliably for any occasion, in summer with air-conditioned delivery trucks, so that the flowers always arrive in original, fresh condition.

How to send flowers online in Budapest?

Online flower delivery Budapest is infinitely easy with It doesn’t matter if you are not near a computer, as the service is optimised for smartphones. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile device, and you can send flowers from anywhere in the country or even the world to Budapest and its surroundings, as flower delivery is available throughout Pest County. And here’s the good news: if Budapest or Pest County isn’t your destination, you can request flower delivery anywhere in the country.

What do I need to do to send flowers to Budapest?

On the giftsending.euwebsite, you will find the heading „Flower delivery” in the main menu bar. If you click on it, you will find a list of different options, such as „flower bouquet”, „flower box” or „flower basket delivery”. If you select a flower you like, you will be presented with two options: ‘add to basket’ and ‘details’. Latter will tell you everything you need to know about the bouquet, while the former will allow you to start the purchase process straight away.

If you like the product, you can add it to your basket and checkout. Apart from the email address, name and phone number, you only need to enter the address where you want to send the flowers. You can choose between payment by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Reading the whole process in this article is longer than doing it, as the process takes no more than a minute.

Online flower delivery Budapest

What is the occasion to send flowers?

The flower delivery service operates in Budapest, the county and the whole country, so you can send a bouquet or a basket of flowers to the countryside from anywhere and at any time. It is important to emphasize the word anytime, because to send flowers to a loved one, you don’t really need a special occasion.

At the same time, the website offers a thematic selection of options, to mention just the most important ones: Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day and, of course, Mother’s Day. In addition, birthdays and name days are also a great time to order flowers. And there’s one more thing to mention, and that’s courtship, which is a great occasion to send flowers to your loved one.

Romantic flower basket

On you can choose from a wide range of options, all of which have one thing in common: quality and elegant design. The flower basket is the perfect choice for the older generation and those who like romantic gifts. The so-called vintage style is no stranger to a flower basket, as the assortment also includes 18th and 19th century styles, reflecting romantic stylistic features in the classic sense of the word. The old-fashioned atmosphere can be brought to life under the aegis of the flower delivery service in Budapest.

Go modern, choose a flower box

A flower box is a much more modern solution and is more suitable for younger ladies, but there is no recipe for this. In any case, if you are courting someone, it is a perfect choice, and our webshop is guaranteed to help you achieve your goal of pleasing someone in Budapest by sending flowers. I especially recommend the flower box solution to those knights who are courting or living in a long-distance relationship, or to those who have been swept apart by fate for a while.

A bouquet of flowers always, at all times

Not to be forgotten is the classic flower bouquet, the perfect choice for any occasion and any time. In this section, too, you will find a wide range of options on, from simple yet charming bouquets to a variety of floral arrangements. If you are wondering how to send a bouquet of flowers in Budapest quickly, you should definitely think about this option, as it can be a great choice for any occasion and for all ages.

Potted flowers for the carers

In addition to cut flowers, also offers potted flowers. If your goal is online flower delivery in Budapest, this is also a great choice. The benefits are perhaps not even worth mentioning, as a potted orchid or coral flower can be enjoyed for a long time, so the person who receives it will remember the person who gave it to them for a long time.

Another useful tip: in addition to sending flowers online to Budapest, we also send flowers as gifts, so you can combine the two!